UBTS  2nd Annual Course 2020 Brochure


The school was launched in Kenya in July 2018! There are now four Centers where classes are conducted. There were 25 present at the first Center and 29 at the second Center for the first class! And this is continuing to grow by the grace of God!

About: Over the decades there have been many clear and plain Bible Truths that have been hidden behind false interpretation and false teaching. There are truths contained in the Bible that have been hidden for generations. The Bible is a simple book to understand, and yet there are truths of God that have not been fully experienced by most since the first century church. Tradition, interpretation, false doctrine, unsound teaching, doubt, unbelief, and suspicion have been used by those opposing the Truth to conceal the clear teaching of Scripture. There are no unconditional covenants or promises in the Bible. This course will provide an informative study on the conditions, blessings and benefits of the Bible from both Testaments, with focus on the New Testament. The intention of Unmasking Bible Truths is to unmask the hidden truths and possibilities, that have been concealed from us for much, if not all of our lifetime. We will begin the school with a one year course of life building lessons for both new believers and seasoned Christians. Each class (lesson) is conducted in Kenya three Sunday’s per month, one at each of the three Centers. Upon successful completion of the one year course, a Certificate of Completion will be issued to all those who pass the Final Exam.

Click the links below to listen to the Lesson Videos, view the Lesson Teaching and access the Lesson Questions for each lesson.

UBTS Application

1st COURSE 2019

Lesson 1 Understanding the Bible video

Lesson 1 Teaching

Lesson 1 Questions

Lesson 1 Part 2 The Seed, The Sower, The Ground, The Results video

Lesson 1 Part 2 Teaching

Lesson 1 Part 2 Questions

Lesson 2 The Doctrine of Sin video

Lesson 2 Teaching

Lesson 2 Questions

Lesson 3 Are People Born With a Sin Nature? video

Lesson 3 Teaching

Lesson 3 Questions

Lesson 4 The Doctrine of the New Birth video

Lesson 4 Teaching

Lesson 4 Questions

Lesson 5 The Evidences of the New Birth video

Lesson 5 Teaching

Lesson 5 Questions

Lesson 6 Repentance, Temptation and Endurance video

Lesson 6 Teaching

Lesson 6 Questions

Lesson 7 The Biblical Experience of Romans 7 video

Lesson 7 Teaching

Lesson 7 Questions

Lesson THE HOLY SPIRIT video

Lesson 8 Teaching

Lesson 8 Questions

Lesson 9 Biblical Evidences of the Spirit Baptism video

Lesson 9 Teaching

Lesson 9 Questions

Lesson 10 The Doctrine of Faith video

Lesson 10 Teaching

Lesson 10 Questions

Lesson 11 Freedom From Poverty and Want video

Lesson 11 Teaching

Lesson 11 Questions

Lesson 12 Exercising Unlimited Authority Over All Satanic Powers video

Lesson 12 Teaching

Lesson 12 Questions

1st Year Final Exam

2nd COURSE 2020