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Glorious Testimonies from Chapter 1 of the Mission to Priceless Souls in Kenya November 2017

Sister Beatric

“I’ve learned a lot because of Apostle Jeff from the teachings. I’ve received what will take me many years. AS we have been taught by our Pastor Geoffrey Namiti. The Apostles have taught the “same same” thing we have been taught here. We must die to the flesh. So many ways Apostle Jeff has been a blessing in my life. I’m just so blessed.”

Pastor Philip “Baba”

Bwana Asifiwe! Praise the Lord! I just want to thank the Lord for this time. We thank God for what he has done. I know that the church is very happy to receive the Apostle from America who is working together with Apostle Geoffrey Namiti. On behalf of the church and the membership of the church, we just want to express our gratitude to Apostle Jeff, you have really done us good. We thank the Lord who has commanded you all this way. And we thank the Lord who has given you the same vision as our Apostle here in Africa, and we are telling you here today, that what the Lord has spoken in your life. And also what he has spoken to Apostle Geoffrey, we are seeing the Lord on the move. This is just the beginning, and we know that this is Webuye, and it is the foothold of the revival. HalleluYah! So, we are continuing to pray for this vision, may the Lord accomplish it. Because the Bible says, what He began, He accomplishes. So, as you go back man of God, we are sending our regards, to our Sister church, that we are blessed and we are saying that the Lord do them good. We are longing to see that church also. The first time Apostle has travelled alone, but we are hoping that with the Lord’s guidance, the Lord’s protection, next time, he will be here with mum. HalleluYah! So, greet mum, greet your grandchildren, that we send our greetings and we declare, May the Lord bless you, may the Lord preserve you, as you do His will. God bless you!

Chebosi testimony

I minister with the ministry Liberty Celebration Center. But not with the ministry, but I’m a minister of the Gospel of Jesus. I want to thank God for today. The Word has really affected me. There comes a time as a person, I look at myself as if I’m not worthy, even preaching the Gospel. But I will be encouraged, it is not about age and what we have, but it is about the calling. It is not about education or wealth, but it is about God. I have been encouraged, that I will not continue preaching about the grace, but I will mix it with the wrath of God also. Because our God is full of wrath. And my prayer life is going to change. My reading of the Word is going to change, because it is only through the Word that we will defeat the enemy. I really want to thank God for the Apostles that have ministered to us, and I pray that may the Lord God keep you and continue using you in many other different places. God bless you!

Chebosi testimony – Pastor

I’ve been touched by the Gospel today. I have been affected so much. Because it has lifted me from one level to another…from one glory to another! I’ve learned one thing here, which is very important! That I need to humble myself, and be obedient to the voice of the Lord! And another thing, that God is not regarding the title! Yes, God is not looking for the title. But God is working with the person who is seeking after righteousness! Praise the name of the living God! Though you can learn more, even you can even have a certificate or a diploma or a degree. But what is very important, is to learn from God! And become obedient to the Lord, and serve God according to His will! Submit to the Lord and God will bless you! So I’m so blessed! God bless the man of God!

Chebosi testimony – Gospel Believers Church

I work with the ministry of Gospel Believers Church. I’m saved and I’m very blessed today. I read in Isaiah chapter 6…the Bible says, In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the glory of God…in my life. I was thinking I’m doing the right thing. But God has revealed to me, I was of side. I thank God. I pray today, the man of God, may God expand hos territory. And be a blessing to not only Africa, but the whole world! Today, I’ve made a step, because there is no common Scripture. The Bible says, every Word is a breathe from God! But what a man says, it is just his breathe. I was very happy when the man of God (Apostle Geoffrey) told us, to make us give an offering. Because you cannot be blessed…even in the time of the Israelites, they were given manna freely. But if you would not go out early, you would be hungry. So, we are brought up in a way of begging. You don’t want work. You don’t want to give. So that you can be blessed. I gave something little. I’m very happy I’ve blessed a white man!

Chebosi testimony – Pastor Dan

I count it a miracle today. Last week and this week. (Pastor Dan attended the Seminar at out home church in Webuye – page ____) The Lord has spoken to my spirit. One, I just want to say, there is no common Scripture. If you think there is a common Scripture, then it is you that is common. And today I thank God, because the Spirit of the Lord has spoken about politics. And taking money from politicians. And surely this has been our disease! And we really thank God for the coming of the servants of the Lord! That’s why we’ve cried before the Lord. And declared that we’ve been sinning on the altar (pulpit in Kenya). Regardless of our positions, and what we’ve been passing through, we really need to remain focused in our calling and our ministry! Politicians will not make us servants to be despised, when we despise our calling. That is one miracle that I’ve heard in this service! And I’ve decided to change! If you (a politician) seek me out…seeking me to pray for you, then I will run the other way! So I’m blessed! This is my first time, I’ve blessed a white man! Surely men, God bless you! We have come to this meeting…it has been useful. And we want to promise the two Apostles, and our spiritual son, that indeed and indeed we are blessed! And we really need you in this land! Because when you step in this land, we promise that we will still receive more and more revelations! So out prayer. May the Lord bless the servants of the Lord, enlarge their boundary, and make them reach other men and women of God! Surely we are blessed and God bless you!

Cousin Dan

I almost forgot, the grace does not lower the standards, the grace raises standards! Stop saying you are living in grace time…you do mistakes and you say you sin and you are in grace time! Grace is more dangerous than the law! Amen!

Nabuyole testimony

In the book of Revelation chapter 21 verse 8, the servant of the Lord has truly touched me! He has challenged me! Praise the Lord! WHY!? Because when he was elaborating on what the Scripture says, I got a new revelation, that actually the church that is living in apostacy! The apostate church will never inherit the kingdom of God! It shall NEVER get into the kingdom! Praise the Lord! HalleluYah! It has really blessed me as a youth, all the features he mentioned in Revelation 21:8, sum up to…we have to change! Being the church, knowing the true faith of Jesus Christ, but doing things that are contrary to the purpose of what the Word means! Praise the Lord! So it is a big challenge for us as Blessed Nabuyole, are we in the church, but living in apostacy? HalleluYah! We have actually to heed what he has said! In the church you are confessing Jesus Christ! But when you get out of this church, you deny the same Jesus! Your actions…your deeds, deny the “same same” Jesus Christ you confess while in the sanctuary! HalleluYah! In English we would say, you reach a point then you have to make a “U” turn! HalleluYah! We thank the Lord so much! For sending his servants in this sanctuary. I thank the Lord for sending them here! Because once again, at least the Holy Spirit has taught us here in this church! Actually I was somewhere else and while the servant of the lord was preaching. But you know I was getting the message! Your voice was somehow breaking away…I got the message so I have to run to this place so that I would get the content of what the Holy Spirit had given you! But luckily enough, I’ve gotten my portion. May the Lord bless you so much! Even if you’re leave this place, thank you so much, God bless you!

Nabuyole testimony I Pastor’s wife

I’m very much blessed in the house of God. I just sat down to hear what the Lord has purposed for us today. And I was very much encourage when the servant of God said, that everything we are needing is through the Word of God. And there are so many benefits when we declare and serve the Lord. You know it is not just obeying it is putting it into action! Thanks be to God! And I want to thank God because at least each and every one has been receiving his or her portion. And a I want to believe that through these teachings, our lives will never be the same! Because at the beginning we prayed for the Lord to give us a submissive heart, an understanding heart, so that when the teachings come to us we shall be partakers of them, the portion that the Lord has given us today. Praise the Lord, glory to God! So I want to appreciate the servant of God, and I want to say that we love you so much! When you get back, just pass our greetings to those family members, and that one of these days they shall also come on this side! Praise be to God! Because that’s how God connects His people! God bless!

___________ got out of Work Release and called me and asked if we were baptizing people that evening. I told him we were and he wanted to be baptized. He said, “You know, you’re right, we don’t have to sin. God delivers us from all that!” I said, You’re absolutely right! God delivers us and through our freedom of choice, we do not have to sin!” He said, “Every time we sin, we re-crucify Christ all over again!” I told him, “That’s awesome! You really do understand the Word!” I baptized him on Resurrection Sunday 2016 and he's attending services on Sunday. 03-27-2016

Hello Pastor Jeff Weaver, my name is_______ I was at El Dorado when your Prison Ministry came through there. I’m living in Topeka now, and I just wanted to thank you for everything you do in El Dorado and everything you’ve done as a Prison Ministry Outreach. You touch people because you’ve touched my life through Christ and I’m really glad that you do that for Prison Ministries. If you can call me back that would be great, if not I’ll try again later. 04-02-2016

Congrats and blessings in abundance for starting with youth group!!! I can't wait to get out of Work Release so I can share my blessings from God with your ministry. God is so faithful!! Thank you guys for such amazing service!!! 04-04-2016

Good Morning Pastor!!! Wanted to say hello and God Bless u and your family! Thank U for praying for me and giving me strength!!!!! This trial is tough I’m going thru...but I think God sent me here for a purpose and I wanna fulfill his wishes!!!! Love u brother and thank u! 04-11-2016

Brother I'm in the word tonight and God dealt with my heart, James 1:7-8. I for so long had the Lord in my heart but still wanted to wear the garment of the world, wanted to delve into drugs, addiction, gambling.. And still wanted to put on my god garment and praise him on Sunday.. We need to continue to remind ourselves every day that the God garment does not come off when we leave the church and put all of our burdens and heaviness back on to face the world throughout the week.. We need to rock that God garment like a 3000 dollar Louie jacket all week, for the world to see our light, the scripture says that a double minded man will be unstable in all his ways, meaning I couldn’t walk the fence anymore, no half in half out it was time to go all in or all out and I'm in brother.. I'm all the way in. I just wanted to share this with u because it hit home.. U led me back to the light and I want u to see the best u stirred within, thank u pastor Jeff!! 04-14-2016

On 04-29-2016 ________ called and requested prayer for anxiety over a work situation and the outcome of another life situation. We prayed and he said he felt much better and was encouraged. I texted him Jesus discourse on not being anxious for this life but seeking first His kingdom and righteousness and all the things we need will be added to us (Matthew 6:25-33). He was encouraged and responded with the prayer below:

You've changed my life I couldn't ask for more from someone.

You've opened my eyes and shown me the light.

Praise Jesus and thank you for the time and effort you have gave in his name.

Amen 01-25-2017


Priceless Soul Ministry Glory to God forever! I thank God His Word by His Spirit has changed you!

You have no idea how much this encourages us brother! It spures us on toward love and good deeds to keep spreading the Word of God no matter what! Our heart is enlarged; "I will run the course of Your commandments, For You shall enlarge my heart." Psalm 119:32 Be strong in His grace my brother; "You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus." 2 Timothy 2:1 Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, body and strength! May the Lord bless you and keep you safe from all evil as you follow hard after Him! (Psalm 63:8) "The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion

of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen." 2 Corinthians 13:14

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